Woodin Teachers & Staff Wish List (SY 2017-2018)

Our teachers and staff have shared a few things they love and things they hold dear. Here's a great opportunity to shower them with joy and "happies" throughout the school year.

Simply click on the name of your teacher/staff to view a few of their favorite things. 


*This teacher/staff wishlist is currently still being updated. Staff names in GREEN are current, all others are still being updated. Keep checking back. Thank you!


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade/

Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade

Other Staff/


Lipke Algiers Roy Jackson Kapovich Bowers Chmiel
Walsh Ajer Layes Ro Connor Matthias Freeman
Gray Angell Licata Steele Merritt Cussac Mismas
Jimenez Hoover O'Brien Davidson Hettle Parrish Petrin
Head   Siboret
Salcedo- Jette Murphy Lee
Valencia   Cisneros Dulas
    Estrada Spencer   Nash Leonhardt
    Mismas     Waters Sosa
          McQueen Sears
          Cortes Dodson
          Thomas Ducharme
          Wright Yuhas
           Conom  Garrett
           Dixey  Heine
          Gasser Raphael
          Gordivas Rothaus
          Mistry Sami
          Kottsick Thomas
          McNally Trovato


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*Did you need additional gifting information about a teacher/staff? You may contact us and we will do our best to source the information you need for gifting purposes ONLY.