We’ve raised $9190 including corporate matching!

"We Can Do More Together for our Wildcats" Fundraiser

We’re like the “Little Engine that Could”!  Slowly but surely, we are covering our slimmed-down budget!  Thank you to everyone who donated to enrich every child’s experience at Woodin! We know this is an extraordinary time and Woodin PTA will continue to support our students and families in creative ways with our limited budget.   But it is not too late. You can still donate.  All donations are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching. 

A Budget in Line with our Mission and Goals
We have revised our budget in light of our extraordinary circumstances under COVID19.  We are trying to stay nimble and cater our resources to what students and staff need now while maintaining our commitment to our mission and goals.  Woodin PTA membership will vote on the revisions at our meeting in December. If you are a member, you can request a copy ahead of the meeting. email us at contact@woodinpta.org.