"We Can Do More Together for our Wildcats" Fundraiser

We’ve raised $9190 including corporate matching!

"We Can Do More Together for our Wildcats" Fundraiser

We’re like the “Little Engine that Could”!  Slowly but surely, we are covering our slimmed-down budget!  Thank you to everyone who donated to enrich every child’s experience at Woodin! We know this is an extraordinary time and Woodin PTA will continue to support our students and families in creative ways with our limited budget.   But it is not too late. You can still donate.  All donations are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching. 

A Budget in Line with our Mission and Goals
We have revised our budget in light of our extraordinary circumstances under COVID19.  We are trying to stay nimble and cater our resources to what students and staff need now while maintaining our commitment to our mission and goals.  Woodin PTA membership will vote on the revisions at our meeting in December. If you are a member, you can request a copy ahead of the meeting. email us at contact@woodinpta.org.  

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We are one of only 4 PTAs in the state to win this award and we can still qualify for silver, gold, platinum and 100% staff awards. 

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We now have 133 members!  

Our goal is 150!


- If you're new to the PTA: First click on the "I'm In! Join the PTA" button from the homepage. Then "Create An Account" and fill out the form. 

- If you've joined the PTA during a previous school year, first "Sign In" on the top Right-Hand Corner and then click on "Create An Account" and update your information and follow the prompts.

Staff Appreciation

Heather, our VP of Events, surveyed our staff and this is their latest list of favorites!  We know our staff is going above and beyond right now to adapt to these unique circumstances.  Saying thank you means a lot! In case you want to give them a treat too, here are some ideas. 

Our Staff Favorites!

How would you like to see Woodin PTA prioritize our time and resources?  Any other feedback?
Thank you to Judy Hsu for making this great sign that was displayed yesterday at the parade!

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How would you like to see Woodin PTA prioritize our time and resources?
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We appreciate your membership, your donation, and your voice!
Our role is more important than ever in connecting the home, school and community and enriching every child’s learning experience!
Thank you!


We've got an outstanding team planning for this is

extraordinary year!  

We're working on updating the website! If you notice anything that doesn't work or is out of date, please let us know at contact@woodinpta.org. Or if you have any other feedback for PTA, email us! Thanks!


Woodin Elementary’s Food Bank is will be open every Thursday 10:45-11:30am at the main office entrance. We are utilizing only 4 gloved/masked volunteers to run the food bank outside of the building and ask those waiting to follow the 6ft social distance techniques.
This is a valuable resource for our community. Over 20 families utilized this service last week, and we expect the numbers to grow the longer people are out of work.
If you can help supply the food bank, the following items are appreciated. You can bring them by from 10:30-11:30am every Thursday at the main entrance of Woodin.
Items requested:
The following items are not covered through (WIC)
Laundry detergent
Liquid dish soap
Bar soap such as Dial
Shaving cream
Diapers sizes 1-4
Baby wipes
Formula(dairy and soy welcome)
Toilet paper
Boxes of cereal
Beans (dried)
Canned protein
Canned fruit/veggies
Pasta sauce
Boxed almond/coconut/soy milk
Perishable foods such as dairy/milk, eggs, produce, bread are welcome.
Thank you!!!
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