Woodin Elementary Virtual Science Week


April 26th - 30, 2021

Click here for lots of fun learning activities: Woodin PTA Virtual Science Week - April 26 - 30th!


https://woodinpta.org/Page/Events/Sistema Escolar USA 

 If you missed it, you can watch the recording. 
Zoom Recording posted for a limited time.
Obtenga el enlace de Zoom en las noticias Wildcat o en el grupo de Facebook de Woodin PTA.

Los invitamos a una charla para aprender cómo puede ayudar mejor a sus hijos desde la primaria y las oportunidades que existen en el distrito escolar, para obtener lo mejor que la educación pública tiene a su servicio.

 En esta charla también conocerá un poco del sistema escolar y sabrá a quien recurrir cuando tenga preguntas o necesite ayuda académica, tecnológica o emocional para su hijo o hija.

La escuela tiene muchos recursos y queremos que usted conozca cuales son y lo mas importante, que usted sepa que es parte esencial  de nuestra comunidad escolar.

We invite you to a talk to learn how you can best help your children starting from elementary school take advantage of all the resources our public school district provides.  

 In this talk, you will learn about the school system and who to turn to when you have questions or need academic, technical, or emotional help for your son or daughter.

The school has many resources, and we want you to know what they are and, most importantly, that you are an essential part of our school community. 
Thank you to Northshore Council PTSA for sponsoring this event!

Congratulations and thank you to

Woodin PTA's 2021-22 Board Members!

President - Heather P

Secretary - Jenny P

VP Events - Michele N

VP Programs - Crystal A

We will be voting in our Treasurer at the May 18th meeting at 7pm.   Please email us at contact@woodinpta.org to nominate someone. Thank you!

Food Bank has New Hours
Every Wednesay 10:30-12:30am at the main office entrance. We are utilizing only 4 gloved/masked volunteers to run the food bank outside of the building and ask those waiting to follow the 6ft social distance techniques.
This is a valuable resource for our community. 20-30 families  are utilizing this service every week.
If you can help supply the food bank, the following items are appreciated. You can bring them by from 10:30-11:30am every Thursday at the main entrance of Woodin.
Items requested:
The following items are not covered through (WIC)
Laundry detergent
Liquid dish soap
Bar soap such as Dial
Shaving cream
Diapers sizes 4 - 6 really needed
Baby wipes
Formula(dairy and soy welcome)
Toilet paper
Boxes of cereal
Beans (dried)
Canned protein
Canned fruit/veggies
Pasta sauce
Boxed almond/coconut/soy milk
Cooking oil
Perishable foods such as dairy/milk, eggs, produce, bread are welcome.
Thank you!!!


Legislative Priorities
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We have 170 Members!   Our goal was 150!  We did it! 
Washington PTA has awarded us the Platinum Award for Membership Growth and 100% Staff Membership! 

We have funds for 4 Membership Scholarships. Please email our Membership Chair at membership@woodinpta.org to join with a scholarship.  These funds are designated just for this and we’d like you to be a member!

  Join Woodin PTA today!

- If you're new to the PTA: First click on the "I'm In! Join the PTA" button from the homepage. Then "Create An Account" and fill out the form. 

- If you've joined the PTA during a previous school year, first "Sign In" on the top Right-Hand Corner and then click on "Create An Account" and update your information and follow the prompts.


Coming soon: Inviting all Wildcats to join the hunt!


Woodin Teams Scavenger Hunt.  A fun activity to get out of the house and have some fun while social-distancing! Three types of missions to be completed for points:


1) location – use clues to locate a specific GPS coordinate location


2) Trivia – use clues, online research or any means to identify the correct answer to a trivia question – spelling and exact answers matter


3) picture/video evidence – complete a task and take a picture or video evidence to show the completed task (find something, make something, create something, etc) 


If you would be willing to help coordinate the sign-up, promotion, and prizes, let us know.  We have many prizes donated already and the actual Scavenger Hunt will be created by a company called Goose Chase.  We'll be doing this in partnership with Canyon Creek, Ruby Bridges, Skyview and Northshore PTSA Council. 




Other Teams!

Please email us at contact@pta.org to join any of the following planning teams:

Science Fair, 5th Grade of Year Celebration, or Multi-cultural Event.  We need volunteers to make these events happen. Thank you!

We love our Woodin community!

We have raised nearly $10,000 for our "We Can Do More Together" Campaign!  And thank you for participating in the Book Fair, for ordering Spirit Wear, and grabbing take-out at MOD Pizza to support Woodin PTA and our school! We appreciate it!


Spotlight on PTA Enrichment:  

Why do we PTA? To connect families and provide enriching social activities for our kids.  At the recent Natural Leaders meeting, several first-grade families exchanged phone numbers because they have felt isolated during COVID. Families that have just started at Woodin have extra challenges finding friends and support. One family has started a Facebook page for first grade families. There are Facebook pages for each grade. If you haven’t found yours contact your teacher or email us at  contact@woodinpta.org and we’ll help you find it.  These pages are not run by the school or PTA but we support our families’ efforts to connect with each other.  If you don’t Facebook, we can help you find contact information for other families that have given permission for their information to be shared. 

 5th Grade End of Year Celebration

Thank you, Michelle Ngo, for volunteering to chair this committee! Please let her know if you can help plan the celebration of our 5th-graders at the end of the year!  Email us at contact@woodinpta.org.

Multi-Cultural Event

PTA and Natural Leaders are collaborating on this event which will likely be held in May.  We are looking for a chair and committee members. Please let us know if you’d like to join the committee!



Staff Appreciation

Heather, our VP of Events, surveyed our staff and this is their latest list of favorites!  We know our staff is going above and beyond right now to adapt to these unique circumstances.  Saying thank you means a lot! In case you want to give them a treat too, here are some ideas. 

Our Staff Favorites!

How would you like to see Woodin PTA prioritize our time and resources?  Any other feedback?
Thank you to Judy Hsu for making this great sign that was displayed yesterday at the parade!

Join PTA Sign


How would you like to see Woodin PTA prioritize our time and resources?
And show your support by becoming a member!
We appreciate your membership, your donation, and your voice!
Our role is more important than ever in connecting the home, school and community and enriching every child’s learning experience!
Thank you!



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